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Join the world’s most elite community of Entrepreneurs & Like-Minded Peers

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Join the world’s most elite community of Entrepreneurs & Like-Minded Peers

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Unlock True Freedom and Live The Life You Deserve.

  • Tap into an exclusive network of like-minded peers, 24/7, for ideas, feedback, and accountability
  • Monthly calls (networking, millionaire guest speakers and mastermind calls) to help you overcome obstacles and level-up faster than ever
  • Get a proven roadmap to grow your business, income, and impact (so you never have to worry about wasting years doing something that just won’t work)
  • Mingle, ask questions, and get guidance from the world’s most elite entrepreneurs, business leaders, and visionaries
  • Along with the 12 Mastery Modules, you will get all my favorite business and personal growth blueprints, action guides, checklists and more
  • Everything you need to create a seamless “hands off” business that gives you complete freedom over your life...
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What Exactly Is TheGame Changers Academy?

We’ve created the Game Changers Academy
with one focus in mind, and that is…

To help ambitious entrepreneurs —at different stages of business— get access to an exclusive network and various tools to level-up as fast as possible.

One of thelongest-standingMastermindson the planet.

The Game Changers Academy has been going strong since 2013. We’ve had a flawless 10-year track record, and counting.

We create an environment designed for your success. You can “brush shoulders” with successful 6, 7, and even 8-figure business owners—who’ve been there and done that.

Become a part of an exclusive network that so few get a chance to join. Make connections with A-players in various industries to fuel your success and build the life you and your family deserve.

That’s what the Academy is about.

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I was able to get my dream home, my business is doing over $2M in sales and 30 employees now. Today, I get to enjoy 20 acres with my wife and 7 kids because of the Gamechangers Movement!

Dean Soto CEO of ProSulum

It’s Time To Level Up Your Income.

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Instant access, money-back guarantee, cancel anytime.

It seemed like a lot of money at the time but then thought, how much money did I spend on my college degree? I shifted my mindset into investing in myself. Before the Academy, we made $1M and then $2M the following year, but profits didn’t grow. Everyone here helped me shift the mindset. Financially, this is the best decision I’ve ever made!

Chelsea Creekmore, CEO of Creekmore Marketing

Is the Academy for you?

While the Game Changers Academy has been one of the best business decisions for our members, it’s not for everybody.

We have a rigorous screening process, and only select a handful of new members each year. We only want the best—or those who show potential.
With that in mind,

  • It’s NOT for you if you’re looking for a Get Rich Quick scheme
  • It’s NOT for you if you’re looking for a “silver bullet”
  • It’s NOT for you if you’re close-minded and unwilling to try new strategies
  • It’s NOT for you if you already “know it all”
  • It’s NOT for you if you think you need to grind 60+ hours/week to make it happen
  • It’s NOT for you if you don’t want to put any effort into your business
  • And lastly, if you’ve never invested in yourself... it’s NOT for you — and this will not be a good fit


if you have an open mind and if you’re willing to put in the work, and if you’d like to follow a proven path to success—one that many of our 6, 7 and even 8-figure members have followed — the Game Changers Academy could be the most life-changing experience.

The Perks of Being a Member?You Get Access To...

  • The Game Changers Academy
  • Millionaire Guest Speakers
  • Live Monthly Mastermind
  • Building an Online Empire Training
  • Mastering Self-Awareness & Monetizing Your Strengths
  • Letters to Achievers Script & Blueprint

The Game Changers Academy

The most groundbreaking, relevant, actionable — no B.S. — business building system on the planet. A proven step-by-step roadmap for growing your income, business and impact… on your own terms.

You’ll get access to 12 Mastery Modules, which cover everything you need for success. You’ll be gaining absolute clarity on what you should do with your business — starting right now — so you can reap the rewards next week, next month and beyond.

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re creating a business that’s virtually “recession proof.” One that’s so seamless, it runs on “autopilot.” This can give you ultimate freedom to do what you want, when you want, how you want.

And while this may seem like a distant fantasy, we have plenty of members who are living it.
You’ll discover how to maximize your efficiency so you’re no longer working 40, 60, or 80+ hours a week just to stay afloat.

You’ll discover how to create your own billion dollar network. Something you can tap into and leverage… to catapult your business to the next level — faster than you could ever imagine.

There’s a reason A-players are master networkers. And the unique way we do networking makes it a breeze, even if you’re an introvert. If you hate being on the phone or going face-to-face, don’t worry, we’ve got a strategy that’s designed for you.

You’ll also get access to the archives. These are past recordings of the Monthly Masterminds, “Hot Seats,” and Millionaire Mentorships. There is a wealth of information here. And every session has dozens of golden nuggets — each one brilliant enough to spark an “Aha!” moment… that could lead to your next business breakthrough.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you’re also getting BONUS material. You’ll find trainings on time management, motivation, various audios, PDFs, and even books.

Everything you need to succeed in business, and level-up your income… is at your fingertips.

Millionaire Guest Speakers

How often can you say, you spoke to Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk, Marie Forleo, Grant Cardone, and David Goggins?

Our members get to mingle with these giants on a regular basis.

Just think, how successful would you be…

If you had a network of superstar entrepreneurs, coaches and like-minded people on speed dial? Imagine getting your marketing challenges solved by Amy Porterfield…

Imagine having personalized productivity tips handed to you on a silver platter by Tim Ferris…

And imagine having your greatest weapon, your mind, sharpened for success by none other than Michael Jordan’s mindset coach — the legendary Tim Grover.

This is what our members have access to each month. And it’s the main driving force that fuels their growth and impact.

Each month, they get to pick the brains — and get mentored — by some of the smartest business minds on the planet. They can ask questions, get answers, get guidance, and apply everything they learn immediately to their business.

It’s no wonder The Game Changers Academy has minted so many millionaires.

Live Monthly Mastermind

The market is constantly evolving. If you don’t evolve with it, you’re toast.

We keep an eye on various industries. And each month, we discuss the emerging trends. We cover sales, marketing, branding, and other needle-movers that bring customers and help grow businesses.

Can you see the value in this? Imagine knowing ahead of time whether your decision today is going to help or hurt your business…

It could mean the difference between working 80+ hour weeks, scrambling, and having a business that runs you… versus… enjoying life on your own terms, and having an asset that serves your lifestyle. This is what real freedom looks like.

In addition, we wrap each call up with a live Q&A. It’s like a personalized “hot seat” where you can get all your questions answered by me, and the rest of our team.

It’s one of the best ways to make sure your business outlasts your competitors.

Building an Online Empire Training

You’ll get every secret, tactic, and core principle that we’ve learned about building a 7-figure online empire from scratch. We’ve taken the collective knowledge we’ve learned over the years… and distilled it into an easy-to-follow training series you can easily soak up.

This is the fastest and most efficient way to get everything you need… to take your online empire from A to Z. You’ll discover how to position your brand so you can compete even with the sharks of your industry.

You’ll discover some of the best ways to leverage social media, so you can grow your brand further. There’s even a YouTube Masterclass. In it, we’ll share various ways to attract qualified prospects to your world — making them aware of your product or service — and, converting them into high-paying customers or clients.

And because it’s almost impossible to do everything on your own, we’ll even show you how to create lucrative partnerships and affiliates. This style of business is — in my opinion — a close cousin of passive income.

And we’ll show you how to set this all up for yourself.

Mastering Self-Awareness + Monetizing Your Strengths

This is perfect for two types of people. (1) Anyone who wants to make the jump from a “9-to-5” to entrepreneurship. And (2) anyone who has already created a successful business, and is looking for their next challenge. Are you ready to branch out into a new industry?

This training will help you gain clarity. And it will help you leverage your strengths.

Listen, we all have a unique ability. Something that we excel at. This is usually almost impossible to figure out on your own. Because the reality is, we take our unique ability for granted. And we can never pin-point it ourselves.

That’s why we’ve included this crucial training.

It takes self-mastery to a whole new level. It puts your character under a microscope, so you can identify your strengths immediately… and turn them into a lucrative business.

In addition, you’ll discover 20 proven side-hustles, which you can start today. These are time-tested businesses that can change your life — especially once you pick one that meshes perfectly with your strengths.

When you run this type of business, it almost never feels like work.

Letter to Achievers Script + Blueprint

We’re giving you the EXACT script we use to consistently get a hold of high achievers like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Elon Musk, Tim Ferris and other big “untouchable” names.

If this script can get the attention of someone like Tony Robbins, just imagine the impact it could have on others.

Who will you use it on?

Unlock True Freedom and Live The Life You Deserve.

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What does Success Look LikeTo you?

For most of our members, it’s freedom.

It’s a priceless feeling money can’t buy. It’s having peace of mind, knowing you can drop everything in the early afternoon… because you’ve already accomplished so much in the morning.

It’s having a stream of income without having to work longer or harder.

Success is about having the freedom to build and nurture relationships that make life worth living. It means running your business — on your terms — and NOT having it run you.

It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ve made in the past. You’re one decision away from the RIGHT decision… which can give you the momentum to build the life you want.

That’s the true meaning of success…

What are you waiting for?

Join TheGame Changers AcademyToday.

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Instant access, money-back guarantee, cancel anytime.

I was struggling, my wife was pregnant, just bought a new house and car while losing my job. I had to go all in and invest in myself. I hit my yearly goal within a few months of joining the Academy

Kirk Noles, CEO of EMP Digital


The short answer is, YES. If you get accepted into the academy, you’ll have two options: (1) A one-time fee… or… (2) a monthly package.

If you choose the one-time fee, you’ll get a steep discount off the regular price. If you choose the monthly package option, your credit card will get billed every 30 days.

You can select whichever option feels right for you. And don’t worry, we’ll go over all the options during the qualification call.

Absolutely not. We would never want our members to feel “trapped.” You can cancel your membership anytime, no questions asked.

However, if you purchase the discounted “one-time” option, you get a 14 day “trial” period to test drive the Game Changers Academy and see if it’s right for you.

After those 14 days are up, you will no longer have an option to get a refund.

Absolutely. Everything is accessible from your mobile device. You can access it from anywhere, at any time, on your own terms.

Not a problem. We release the modules one month at a time. And you can always go back to past months and get access to previous modules. Simply log into your dashboard, and complete the modules when you have time.

We even have an option where you can download all the PDFs, study guides, etc., if you prefer having something physical in front of you.

Great question.

Nowadays, we are exposed to so much information that it’s seriously overwhelming. It seems everywhere we look, we’re bombarded by a sales pitch from another up-and-coming “expert” claiming to have the next big thing.

And 99% of the time, it’s all B.S.

These fake masterminds and coaching groups sprout up out of nowhere. And usually vanish within a year or two.

The Game Changers Academy has been going strong since 2013. We’ve had a flawless 8-year track record — and counting — where we’ve transformed the lives of thousands of people, at all stages of business. In our industry, that is unheard of.

And each year we are getting bigger and better.

What separates the Game Changers Academy from others is that we cut through the noise. We don’t focus on tactics. Sure, you’ll learn some stuff that you probably won’t learn anywhere else. But the bulk of what we teach focuses on core principles.

These are timeless, proven principles that have worked in the past, and will continue to work in the future. Principles that have scaled 6, 7, and 8-figure businesses, across multiple industries.

In addition, you’ll get access to the world’s most successful business moguls, visionaries, and elite performers. We connect you directly to these people. You can ask questions and pick their brains, so you can get clarity and guidance from the best.

In addition, you will get access to — not only to me — but a group of like-minded people who are there to support you, and keep you accountable every step of the way.

I have personally spent years testing and optimizing a strategic approach to training. I’m confident it will help you implement what you learn. And I’ve spoken to some of the most productive and successful entrepreneurs in the world. And I can share their wisdom with you — AT NO EXTRA COST.

There’s really nothing else like this academy out there.

You’re more than welcome to download any current or past material, as long as your membership is active. Unfortunately, if you cancel your membership, you will lose access to any new or old GCA material.

However, if you paid the full “one-time” fee, you will have access to all of the material for 12 months.

Yes. If you are looking to take your business to the 7-figure mark, we have an ELITE level of the Game Changers Academy. Unfortunately, this is by invitation only.

Click here to find out more about the different levels.

Join the World’s

Most Elite CommunityOf Entrepreneurs & Like minded-peers.

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