Peter Voogd's Gamechanger's Academy
The Premier Community for Young Professional's & Ambitious Entrepreneurs. The Gamechangers Academy, Founded by Peter Voogd. Join NOW!
Peter Voogd, Gamechangers Academy
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Most People Are Broke, Stressed & Struggling.

Don’t Be One Of Them. Blaze Your Own Trail. Start Living Life On Your Terms.


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What The Membership Includes


Elite Community of Game Changers

The #1 thing holding most of us back from explosive growth is the wrong network – not anymore. Get instant access to our exclusive community, alive with high-achieving ambitious entrepreneurs and young professionals. As part of the family, you’ll finally be surrounded with like-minded success-seekers who understand you, challenge you, push you and inspire you to raise your standards, income, and success.

Monthly Elite Mastermind Call

Interact with your fellow game changers. Challenge one another, share ideas, ask for help, gain invaluable feedback and insights from those right there in the trenches with you. Take your success to the next level with the drive and dedication that comes from the tribe. You can fast track your path to success by learning from others, so take advantage of these exclusive calls.

Deep Dive Mastermind Trainings

Tactical, practical and action-orientated. These X deep dive training’s cover the must-know skills, strategies and frameworks for meteoric success. Peter goes deep into each topic, breaks it down, extracts what you need to know and presents it to you in a way that’s easy to follow, implement and see real results from. Knowledge is only potential power. With these trainings you’ll know exactly how to implement the knowledge and reap the rewards.

Exclusive Millionaire Speakers

Get exclusive access to private calls between Peter and the millionaire game changers of today. You’ll hear directly from the leading authorities of the business world, people who’ve amassed huge fortunes. They share their advice on what it takes to succeed at a high level in today’s competitive world. These calls are kept secret and only Game Changers get access. Just one idea from one of these calls could completely change your life.


Exclusive Guest Speakers

Peter is a master at extracting actionable strategies and reverse engineering the leaders of today. On the exclusive millionaire calls Peter interviews the best of the best, pulling back the curtains on what worked for them, and how you can do it too. With no hidden agendas, no promotional BS and no fluff you’ll get to learn directly from the elite. Here’s just some of the entrepreneurs who joined the Game Changers…

Gary Vaynerchuk



Grant Cardone



Eric Thomas



John Lee Dumas



Arianna Huffington

Founder of Huffington Post


Brian Tracy

Self Development and Sales Legend


Kevin Eastman

Vice President of the LA Clippers


MJ Demarco

Self Made Millionaire and Author of The Millionaire Fastlane



Plans Fail. Movements Don’t.

The Game Changers Academy was created for one reason: to give young professionals and entrepreneurs the connections, resources and training they need to achieve and exceed their goals. Period.

You’ll not only get everything you need to create massive leverage in your business and 10x your success – but you’ll also be part of our private family. You’ll have the support, community and network you need from fellow success seekers and ambitious freedom fighters. It’s the one place you can go to get everything you need. Without the BS.



“Peter’s advice has helped thousands define their dreams and reach their business goals”

What You Can Expect

Exactly What You Need to Start Living Life On Your Terms

Powerful Community

Full access to our mastermind forum and private Facebook community. You will be around like minded people who have similar dreams, goals & drive that you do. You will have a team of accountability partners to hold you to the higher standards, and help you stay focused on the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Functional & Tactical

We are focused on mastery vs. information overload. Everything is very comprehensive and simplified into action plans. You will receive templates, result guides, and tools that you can copy and use right away to get ahead.

Work At Your Own Pace

Regardless of how busy you are, you can access 24-7. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, the strategies apply to everybody wanting to take their life, business, and success to the next level.

Everything At Your Fingertips

Instant access to step-by-step training videos, and audios showing you how to do everything from building a business, to mastering time management, to increasing productivity. 100% proven and practical training. It’s all real stuff with zero BS.

Stay Fresh

You will be able to keep your pulse on what’s working now. Cutting edge techniques, new research, and proven strategies and training that are working NOW in this ever changing economy. Peter is on a mission to make sure you stay ahead of the game.

Results Guides & Blueprints

You will receive results guides, action sheets, and every module has a Game Changers action plan attached to it so you can take what you learn and put into immediate action. We’ve done the hundreds of hours of research and simplified everything into actionable form for you.

Mastery vs Information Overload

There is a wave sweeping our generation of information overload, which is causing overwhelm and inaction from so many people. We are focused on helping you master everything you need to really succeed in your industry. This is invaluable to your future.

Keeping It Simple

Want to know the best part? Everything is so simple. You get a quick start guide telling you exactly what to do to make the most of the community. Everything is in one simple dashboard. Forget endless clicking… Ahh… so refreshing.

Stay Connected

Connect with the the most passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs 24/7. Our online groups are rocking and just one connection can truly change your life. You’re going to love the community, and nothings more important than networking with the right people. Trust us.


“Peter Voogd inspires us to re-think everything we’ve learned about Entrepreneurship, and focus on the timeless values necessary to succeed.”



See What Our GameChanger’s Are Saying

Gain instant access & test drive for ONLY $1.

Rookie Entrepreneur


  • Customized Website
  • Deep Dive Mastery Webinar Every 21 days
  • Access and Downloads of Exclusive Blueprints
  • Live Mastermind Forum
  • 24 Weekly Training Videos (Great Team Motivation and Sales Training)
  • Millionaire Weekly Masterplan Training
  • Access To Exclusive Millionaire Guest Speakers
  • Exclusive “6 Months to 6 Figures” Blueprint
  • Exclusive Game Changer Wristband & Welcome Packet
  • Signed copies of both Peters books
  • Becoming Unstoppable Audio Series ($297 value)
  • Access To Private Facebook Community
  • 30+ Exclusive Millionaire Call Recordings
  • Millionaire Time Management System

Achievers and Game Changers

EXPERIENCED (Platinum Level)

  • Customized Website
  • Deep Dive Mastery Webinar Every 21 days
  • Access and Downloads of Exclusive Blueprints
  • Live Mastermind Forum
  • 24 Weekly Training Videos (Great Team Motivation and Sales Training)
  • Access To Exclusive Millionaire Guest Speakers
  • Exclusive Game Changer Wristband & Welcome Packet
  • Exclusive “6 Months to 6 Figures” Blueprint ($97)
  • Signed copies of both Peters books
  • Becoming Unstoppable Audio Series ($297 value)
  • Access To Private Facebook Community
  • 30+ Exclusive Millionaire Call Recordings
  • Millionaire Time Management Weekly Masterplan

Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is GCA a one time fee or billed Monthly?

There are a few options to pay for the GCA. If you are accepted and choose the discounted “pay upfront” package, you will be charged only one time. If you choose the monthly package, your credit card will be charged for the monthly fee right away and then you will be charged again that same amount 30 days later. We will walk through all options during our qualification call.

2. Is there any long term commitment?

No. You can cancel your membership any time. If you purchased at the discounted up-front price however, we do not offer refunds 14 days after your purchase.

3. Can you access the modules from your phone?

Yes, everything is accessible from your mobile device. You can access from anywhere at any time on your terms. It’s like your 24-7 success university.

4. If I get busy can I still access the months materials?

Yes. Each month’s materials are rolled out one module at a time. If you don’t have the time to complete the module, you can download all the printed materials (PDF’s, study-guides, etc) and complete them later. Or simply login to your dashboard  when you have time.

5. I’ve seen a lot of similar courses online - what makes this one different and why should I spend the money?

Think about all the other memberships or online programs you’ve seen. Take out all of the fluff, all of the B.S. Add in someone who has been in the trenches and has already PROVEN which methods work, time and time again, across multiple industries — and which don’t. Also, add in access to the worlds most successful business moguls, visionaries, and elite performers. That’s what you’re going to learn in this Academy.

That’s not the only thing that sets this Academy apart, of course. I’ve also spent years testing and optimizing a strategic approach to training, to help you actually implement what you’ve learned in your everyday life. I’ve also approached some of today’s most productive and successful entrepreneurs so I can share their wisdom with you as well — AT NO EXTRA COST. There’s really nothing else like this on the market today.

6. If I cancel, can I still access the content?

While your membership is active you can download any current material. If you cancel your membership, you will not be able to access any StartupCamp material. If you paid in full upfront, you will have access for 12 months to all materials.

7. Will I get access to Peter?

Not at the basic level, but if you join at the platinum level Peter is very active in the private Facebook group and runs the Live Q & A and Millionaire Guest Speaker calls.To find out more about the levels you can apply here.

8. Is there a higher level available?

Yes, if you’re looking to get to the 7 figure mark in your business we do have an ELITE level, which is by invitation only. You can learn more and apply here.